Become an active part of The Overseas Students Mission TODAY on your campus!
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WHO CAN JOIN: All international students are welcome to join with North American students who are interested in Christian missions, Bible study, and Prayer to God in Jesus name. Membership at the campus level is open to all interested seekers, even those who have not believed in Jesus Christ according to Romans 10:9. OSM Student Mission Fellowships are student-led.

ALUMNI & VISITING SCHOLARS: Graduate students, alumni and visiting scholars are welcome to participate as full members of OSM, either on campus or as vocational mentors and prayer partners with the Operation Esther Circles

WHAT WE DO: Our SMF (Student Missionary Fellowship) (1) Organizes social and study events, local and international outreach trips; (2) provides contacts with mentors and friendship hospitality hosts; (3) Provides logistical support and emergency disaster relief; (4) connects with churches and community groups who are interested in welcoming and encouraging international visitors, and (5) Organizes training.

SIGN UP TODAY: Student membership dues for the full academic year are just $12, or only $1 a month payable in advance. Your dues help cover some of the expenses involved to organize SMF services. Please sign up on line at or return the form below to: OSM Student Mission Fellowship, attn. National Membership Secretary, 3045A Ivy Road, Charlottesville, VA 22903.